About us

Schreiber was founded over 50 years ago by Julius Schreiber, the grandfather of machinery builder Rainer Hößel, the present owner and CEO. This was in the local ceramic industry and had become self-employed. There have been founded by punching us. Beginning with conventional lathes and hand stencils. For 20 years we rotate the shapes with a 3-axis CNC lathe, which brings the advantage of faster and more accurate especially to work. We can also, if a form verschliessen, just after the old contour nachdrehen again. Since almost 5 years we have owned a 4-axis CNC lathe, with which we also round parts milling. Filter we also provide small series.
Furthermore, we, from the very beginning, next to the mold also hand punches. Later hydraulic punching followed with greater performance. Seidem R. Hößel took over the company in which he called "his craft from scratch had learned, was the development of automation and control technology. Today we build automatic clock roads, up to 3000 article in the hours to produce - even untergriffige so far produced only in the casting. 1985, we began with the automation. Worldwide more than 50 plants run by Schreiber up to a diameter of 80 cm. Especially in Germany, the Netherlands, also in the USA and Poland.
Shortly after the first purchase of CNC, we also created the first CAD work, because the konstuieren to the CNC was very difficult. Previously everything was constructed in 2D today but all Konstuktionen, shapes up to machines, 3D konstuiert what the advantage that we can see directly how everything looks after.