10 Jahre S1
bis Ø 43 cm

Pictures of S 1-5
with a Ø 40cm and 40cm high pot

  • Stanzgeschwindigkeit bis 3000 Teile/h
  • modernste NC-Technik für schnellen und einfachen Werkzeugwechsel
  • ruhiger und gleichmäßiger Maschinenlauf
  • geringer Verbrauch von Energie und Stanzöl
  • patentierter Stanztisch

Quick and economical for the highest quality standards
S1 was punching you in its three sizes on an absolutely high technical level. Here are the Document experience from several decades. Meanwhile in the 4th Generation.
The result: A hochentwichelte, technically sophisticated machine for punching at the highest level of quality.

Manufacture of vessels from 3000 units. Universally used for ceramic products such as e.g. Pots, plates, cups, etc., with all ceramic masses.

Workflows and work benefits
With the S1 Schreiber offers a fully automatic punching, which particularly through its advanced technology and electronic equipment impressed. The NC-engineering and maintenance-free electronics allow the positionsgenauen servo drive an optimal adaptation to the different quality of the mass, the running of the various forms of property and the design.
The stepless adjustment possibility of Auspress and Lösephase is responsible for regulating the speed of particular importance. Similarly, the lifting speed of Saugglock in the admission and upon discontinuation of the vessel infinitely changed. Since the fitter the plant in slow motion pace operate, it is possible in the shortest possible time, the recruitment of plaster and plaster knife role to be strengthened. This means that the punch in its press action in the field of Saugens, Putzens and Abblansens runs as evenly as fast automatic mode.
The ideal vote of servo drives of the punch and the handling of each other is also an advantage of the sophisticated electronics from Schreiber. The machine running through CNC technology. The resulting quiet and smooth running of the engine promises a high product quality. Hand functionality significantly facilitate the retooling of the plant. A change will be greatly simplified and accelerated.

User-friendly operator panel
The operator panel has a large touch screen and is extremely user-friendly. This will give us all the important parameters for the production adjustment and control, such as Auspress and Lösegeschindigkeit, suction and blowing time. The individual data can then be adjusted for different Stanzwerkeuge under the respective number abgespeichter form. A retrieve the data is always possible.

Rational production process
The S1 particularly impressed by the low energy consumption and economical use of Stanzöl. Drauf Schreiber has in the development of special value. The production process is a rational and environmentally conscious. Will be supported through the functioning of the Stanztisches. The Stanztisch moves after pressing for linear Saugglockenaufnahme. This removes the pressed from the machine. This saves time and there is no Ölverschleppung.