Stanze ES 200

  • stufenlose Einstellung der Tischgeschwindigkeit
  • vereinfachtes Drosselverfahren
  • solide und robuste Bauweise
  • Herstellung von Artikeln in hoher Qualität
  • flexibel für kleine und große Losgrößen

Technically refined, compact and stable, so the writers presented punching ES 200th

Show your strengths in the following areas
Production of rotationssymetrischen with earthenware vessels, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta and porcelain-masses

Workflows and work benefits
And the machine can speed on the table and without punching infinitely complicated throttle procedure. Alternatively, different Stanztischgeschwindigkeiten in the Auspressphase in the area of solving and the discontinuation of the vessel can be set. These settings are exclusively on the operator panel. Due to the different speeds, the Committee will significantly reduced and product quality greatly improved. The machine running the ES 200 is säulengeführt. The barrel is therefore calmly and evenly. With the ES 200 has a punching Schreiber developed with the small vessels of high quality products can be produced. It is, like the other punching the ES-series, with the same technical finesse.


Technische Übersichtstabelle

Ø 200 mm
Hub der Hydraulik
420 mm
Maße der Maschine
0,8 x 0,8 x 1,9 m
0,25 t
Drehstrommotor der Spindel
2,2 kw
Drehstrommotor der Hydraulik
1,5 kw
ca. 7 - 9 Stk./min.


max. Ø 160 mm und 120 mm Höhe
max. Ø 140 mm und 165 mm Höhe
max. Ø 180 mm und 65 mm Höhe
max. Ø 210 mm und 40 mm Höhe